Office- und Business-PC

Performance without compromise

Office and business solutions do not necessarily need to be dull and slow. NEXOC. presents you with notebooks specially designed for office applications and everyday use that will inspire you.

Experience the NEXOC. business world


Innovative designs High quality Strong performance Built to Order
Office- und Business-PC von NEXOC

Create Your Own

Production as desired

Should you not be happy with a particular notebook - personalise it. Have the configuration that you really need, and not what other people think you need. It’s a piece of cake to configure your NEXOC. notebook yourself!


Limitless Variety

More than one dozen barebones, from small to large, with thousands of possible configuration combinations. At NEXOC. you don’t just find what you’re looking for – you find what you need. Regardless of the combination! 

Realise dreams both big and small

Having big dreams is great, but having them come true is even better! NEXOC. is there to help when your laptop dreams seem unachievable. Take advantage of our convenient and simple financing!


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